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Some foot conditions may not need invasive treatments to correct the problem. However if you have bunions, hammer toes, claw toes or other foot deformities and fractures, you must have surgery.

Speak with Dr. Van Beek to fully understand your condition and what may have caused it. Then let him design a treatment to solve your problem. We'll checkup on you to make sure the treatment worked. Call us today for your solutions.

If you live in the Green Bay, WI area, come to Allouez Avenue Foot Clinic for your foot surgery. Experience our top-notch care.

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Before your surgery we'll give you tons of information on what to expect. You'll also get step-by step instructions on how to help your recovery. We'll be here with you every step of the way to ensure your speedy recovery.

Speak with Dr. Van Beek to explore all your options. If you don't need surgery - he'll tell you and recommend other better options for you.

Foot surgery may be too extreme for your condition - orthotics may provide a happy medium. You can correct your foot issues with a simple insert. Talk to Dr. Van Beek today for your fitting.

Common foot issues

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