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Get your orthotic fitting today

Get a complete foot evaluation then have your fitting

for your custom-made orthotics.

Full foot evaluation

Orthotic fittings

Custom shoe inserts

Before we recommend anything, you'll get a complete foot evaluation to determine the best option for you. Call Dr. Van Beek for your evaluation now.

If the doctor determines you need orthotics, you'll receive a custom orthotic fitting to ensure your orthotic corrects the problems.

Correct your walking pattern with a custom-made shoe insert. Avoid surgery and come to our clinic as soon as you feel there may be a problem with your feet.

Sports orthotics

Comfort orthotics

Functional orthotics

Come and be fitted for your custom-made sports orthotics. Relieve your feet and ankles of pain with orthotics made with the latest carbon fiber and graphite devices.

Has custom orthotics made from the mold of your foot. Walk around with comfort. Know that you have the best-quality orthotic in the market when you come to us. Call for your fitting today.

Relieve your foot or leg of pain and improve your performance as a runner. Come to Allouez Avenue Foot Clinic for your orthotic fitting.

Common foot issues

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